We are open!

The last 3 months have been an absolute rollacoaster and we have loved every second of it here at Delaney's!

Ed and I have been running around like headless chickens, trying to get everything ready in time for our opening, but we did it and we are now open to you wonderful people. We have met some lovely members of the public and have already had repeat customers after just 4 days of being open!

We must say some 'thank yous' before we get a slapped wrist. We are both lucky enough to have extremely supportive families around us and they have helped with everything from designing the menus to painting the restaurant and from cleaning the toilets to trialling our menu (that bit wasn't t00 bad!). Therefore a massive thank you to Alex, sue, brian, nina and steve! WE have also had an abundance of help from our friends and our staff, so cheers to tyler, eddie, bill, kieron, paulo, harrison, matty, natalie and justyna, you are all stars!

We have had some hiccups along the way and this experience has definitely been a steep learning curve for Ed and I, but we are now living our dream of owning our own restaurant. We hope that you will pop in and visit us soon and try some of our delights... I recommend the Southern Fried chicken waffles and the rum punch!

Rosie x