Winter warmers

The new season is upon us and the hats, scarfs and gloves are out. I even had to scrape my car windscreen this morning and if that is not a true sign of winter then I don't know what is!

It is at this time of year that we all seek something hearty and homely to warm our bones and make us feel cosy. Delaney's are more than aware of this and therefore we have added a few dishes to our menu that is going to warm those cockles.

The first new addition is a Vegetable Thai Green Curry with Red Onion Shallots. This is made with traditional winter veg and the sauce with make sure your mouth is thoroughly warmed through. This dish is available on a crepe, waffle or galette, but we would recommend a galette as the two work in perfect harmony.

Next week, we will be adding a new sweet dish to the menu... a Blackberry and Quince Compote, Honey Oat Crumble with a Cold Scotch Whisky Custard. It is delicious! This is one of those dishes that you will continue to crave as you walk around town indulging in some Christmas shopping.

Looking into November and December, we will add some winter inspired cocktails and even a Mince Pie Freakshake!

We look forward to welcoming you this Winter!

Rosie x